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Some major assets of continuous development – advanced software interface, diversity of technological equipment, secure payment methods, cross-platform integration tools and up-to-date legal acts' support has raised our solutions to a credible position in market-specific environment. Our software MasterPOS, MasterSoft and MasterWEB offer a wide range of technological solutions at every stage of retail, accounting and control. Fuel, goods and services sales are reinforced by remote monitoring, a multi-level loyalty system, an electronic coupon system and promotions.
Driven by advanced market trends, customer guidelines and being in close cooperation with global manufacturers of specialized equipment, our team of professionals has been creating unique software products for retail automation for more than 30 years. Implementation of cutting-edge technologies add an immense potential to applications and services to improve the quality of delivered products.
Continuous presence in the target markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, the CIS and the Baltic countries empowers our team with extensive knowledge of business processes in oil retail – more than 5000 users are taking advantages of our products while developing their retail business.
The key to your gas station success is an optimally selected software package developed by IPS specialists
Cash register
MasterPOS is easily recognizable touchscreen-oriented electronic cash register with easy-to-use advanced interface.
Functionally capable for full automation of gas stations and stores:
Fuel, related products and services sales
Fast food orders and cafes
Various forms of payment: cash, non-cash, combined payments
Electronic payment system and coupon solution
Sets of discounts, bonuses and promotions
Advertising content display
Payment terminal and car-wash management
Vehicle external identification systems
Remote system monitoring
Loyalty programs
Efficient and versatile loyalty programs bring up a touchpoint with the customers and take advantages of the brand, while being constantly supported at all levels of the company infrastructure. Along with continual developing background and featuring our partnership in marketing research we have implemented our own design and concept across all levels of the system, delivering exceptional features of promotion management:
Divide and conquer
Centralized discount and promotion management for various customer groups split by geographical regions and distribution network branches.
Buy 19 liters and get 1 free!
Discounts are calculated and applied iteratively in money equivalent or by percent depending on the volume or cost of the purchased goods.
Gifts and prizes
Promotions are designed as discount groups or shopping carts with prizes or other rewards.
Bonus program
Online processing allows customers to accumulate and spend points, motivating to take advantages of retail services.
Customer profile
Consumer behavior is reflected in the central office analytical reports based on sales statistics.
Goods and services management
Streamlined turnover process is the milestone of successful trade. In order to eliminate the complexities of your manual operations and enable managers to focus on really significant aspects in the company's activities, we have developed "Turnover" - a time- and cost-efficient application for prompt and easy everyday management at your gas stations and stores:
  • The range of goods is classified by goods features, regional units and price categories.
  • Stock control automation significantly simplifies invoicing as well as minimizes manual input errors during inventories.
  • Real-time sales statistics, ABC/XYZ classification, forecast optimization and other metrics for any specified period.
Non-cash payment systems
We offer a broad range of services for electronic payments. Along with various integrated bank and fleet card solutions, we offer a proprietary non-cash payment system based on electronic payments and coupons.
Electronic payments
Speed and convenience of electronic payments has long been acknowledged by the top retailers. Such payment method is fast and handy, as well as highly motivating for the customer.
Customer identification is carried out through a branded card or QR-code on the smartphone. Financial transactions are handled both online and offline. The complexity of the payment scenarios varies depending on the point of sale location (for example, post-pay is applied in stores with a cashier while prepayment is used at self-service gas stations with OPT equipment).

Customer's account can be linked to several cards with a different set of restrictions, exclusive prices and discounts. Funds could be kept in money equivalent as well as in liters, bonuses and even in specific services.

Customers can always check their virtual account status, purchases, payments and reports in their Personal Account of MasterWEB application on the company's website.
E-coupons help to attract customers to the retail chain and may become one of the tools for the company promotion on the market.

E-coupons are similar to the company's own currency. They are used to provide customers with a fixed amount of goods and services from the deposit created earlier.
However, E-coupons do not have defined owner, they can be transferred to family members, friends or handed out to the company employees as a bonus. This financial model is usually a subject of interest for forwarding and logistics companies as well as for city communal departments.

Each coupon is unique. It is authorized online and is given a set of digital security features.
Outdoor payment terminal (OPT) for self-service allows customers to fully automate the process of refueling. The fuel and payment type are selected by the customers themselves without staff assistance. Ergonomic interface simplifies interaction with the terminal to a few touches.
In close cooperation with market leading OPT hardware manufacturers, Hectronic GmbH (Germany) and FinnPOS Oy (Finland), MasterPOS cash register features interactive multilingual OPT interface, meeting market-specific requirements and ease of use.
OPTs are installed on self-service gas stations, full-service gas stations or a mixed type (a day time they are run by operators and a self-service at night).

Data exchange

Who rules the data, rules the world.
MasterETL software package supports non-stop operational data collection and up-to-date business data distribution in the company's commercial network. All changes are monitored in real-time and new data is transferred as captured, which is opposite to the traditional approach, when large batches are extracted and uploaded due to a fixed schedule.

Due to the functional capabilities of our solution and chosen data representation standard, less efforts are required to integrate with external CRM and ERP systems.

Technical support 24/7

We provide full technical support and maintenance of our products both directly and in cooperation with our regional partners.
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